Our ambition is to build everlasting relations with our diverse partners

Cloud Aster

Cloud Aster is a Sudan based animation studio producing animated content as well as capacity development opportunities for digital artists


Elven Dust

A UK based branding and marketing firm which offers a multi range of digital marketing services


Capital G

Multi agricultural services using innovate green solutions for a clean, sustainable earth.


Al hajjay

Working on joining culture with creativity, flavored by the elegant art of storytelling


Hindo of all trades

Handmade, skillfully crafted items ensuring each piece is a unique work of art


Hamama Fashion Design

Joining modern day fashion design with a touch of Sudanese essence

Hindo of all trades

Youth Support Solutions

UK based care & support services provider for young people


Nest Creators Space

Nest is a creative space designed to inspire and empower individuals to explore new ideas, collaborate, and create something truly unique.

Nest creators space

University of Khartoum Techno-pole unit

Technopole is a unit in faculty of engineering UofK dedicated to empower, guide and support entrepreneurs serving as an incubator of innovation.